Sunday Morning Zen Retreat / One Stick of Incense

Zen is a state of mind, a mind of calmness, stability, and clarity; a mind free of delusions and confusions; a mind in accord with true Reality. It is not a dull mind, but one full of infinite potentials. Such a mind is the source of wisdom; it is a state of true liberation and joy. To achieve the Zen state of mind, proper meditation practice is very important. Meditation helps us to focus, calm down, become aware, and begin to see things as they are. A properly trained mind is one ready for Awakening.

This Sunday Morning Meditation Retreat is perfect for people who have practiced some meditation and want to advance their practice. All participants are requested to observe silence during the day. There are four sitting/walking sessions during the day. Each session is around 45 minutes. Regular attendance the retreat will help build a solid foundation and prepare one for advanced level of meditation retreats.


Sunday Morning Zen Retreat: registered students with level 1 completion

One Stick of Incense: No perquisites


Oct 06 2019


9:00 am - 12:40 pm