Feral cats teach me tolerance

Meditation class student /法賢

My next door neighbor is a very nice lady, we have been good neighbors for over thirty years. In the recent four, five years, with a sympathetic heart, she started to feed some feral cats in her yard. Every morning at 8:00 and afternoon 4:00, she would call their names( yes, she gave them names), and the cats showed up. When she and her family went vacation, she would bring the cat food and ask me to take over the feeding chores. I was happy to do that. But one problem came out unexpectedly- I started to see cats’ shit in my yard. Obviously they came from the cats when they walked through our adjacent yards. We knew cats are very neat animals, but these were not domestic cats, they were wild, didn’t get training. They wondered everywhere freely, only showed up when they needed food.

Should I complain to her? But she was not the master, could not control their behavior or build up good habits. Should I suggest she not to feed them any more? It didn’t sound like a good idea.

The questions bothered me for a while, finally I decided to drop them. I found a simple way to solve the problem: when I saw the shit in my yard, Just covered it by some soil, it is not difficult to do that. Therefore, cats, my neighbor, my family, we still live a smooth, simple, pleasant life.