4/7/2020 Newsletter

For your physical body, stay at home;

For your mind, stay at your bodhi home!

Here’s what you can do to thank all the frontline helpers!


For their sake, stay home and healthy.
Stay home and pray for them.
Stay home and meditate for them.
Stay home and chant Sutras for them.
Stay home for the U.S. and for everyone.


This is how we can thank the frontline helpers.


How to do it?
Chant or Recite this Dedication:
May the merit of our deeds,
Reach every part of the world.
Sentient beings large and small,
All attain enlightenment.
Maha Prajna Paramita

You can also dedicate by chanting or reciting the following sentences:
I dedicate the merits from my practice to _______ (ex: doctors, nurses, medical staffs, police officers, my friends, my family members … etc.).
I wish for them stay healthy physically and mentally (calm, peaceful, and without fear).
Also, you are welcome to share your story with us, such as whom you want to dedicate your practice to and why.
And finally, please don’t forget to turn in your diligence card.



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Encouragement from the Buddha;

Bhikkhus! If you collect your thoughts, the mind will be in the state of stillness, and you will understand the arising and ceasing of all phenomena in the world. Therefore you should diligently cultivate all kinds of Samadhi. If you achieve Samadhi, your mind will not scatter. It is like a household that uses its water sparingly and is able to regulate its water reserves. Likewise, cultivators should practice Samadhi so that the water of wisdom does not leak out. This is known as Samadhi.

Encouragement from the Grand Master Wei-Chueh;

The Way is intrinsic (The pure nature (Bodhi nature) is inherent in us).
But even though the Way is intrinsic, if we do not make any effort, we cannot realize it’s true benefits.

April 8th, it’s the Memorial Day of Grand Master Wei-Chueh:As monastic or lay disciples of Grand Master Wei-Chueh, we invite you to chant the Diamond Sutra as an offering to memorize our Grand Master Wei-Chueh, the founder of Chung Tai Monastery.

Why make a dedication?

We benefit ourselves by benefiting others.
— This is the Bodhisattva spirit!
Do you feel isolated, hopeless, and perhaps even panicked in quarantine?
How may we settle down and calm our mind?
Stay at home—it’s an opportunity to slow down, to reflect inwardly, to meditate and contemplate the sutras (Buddha’s wisdom).
Stay at home and dedicate the merit from our practice to all, we are helping others (doctors, nurses, medical staffs, police officers, … etc.).
By helping others, we also relieve ourselves from stress.
That is how the “Bodhisattva spirit” works!