Benefiting sentient beings

Meditation class student /M.V.

Before the pandemic I volunteered as a TA to many classes at Chung Tai, term after term. Although I am already in the Sutra Sturdy class and it takes extra time to be a TA in other classes, I just wanted to give back and shared the benefits of Chung Tai’s classes. In turn, I got a lot out of the TA experience:

Cooperate with Shifus and other TAs in a supportive environment to provide good experiences to class members. We put our heart on what we do, and resolve issues in a calm and friendly way. TAs are also cultivators so together with Shifus, they inspire and generated positive energy. Being a TA, I was able to listen to the Dharma again and again. Learning the Dharma is not like Algebra or Economics, you never master the topic unless you are enlightened! After repeating the class for years, my life experiences change and views also change, thus, each lecture brings me different perspectives and deeper meanings of the Buddha’s teaching. I think this is why the Buddha always encourages us to practice the bodhisattva way on the path— when we are benefiting others, we ourselves are the ones benefit most.