Diligence 108 at home

Diligence 108 at home

Let’s work together to eradicate the epidemic!

Try your best to complete any of the following:

• Chant the Diamond Sutra * 108 times (pdf download)
• Chant the Heart Sutra * 108 times  (pdf download)
• Chant the Misfortune-Dispelling and Blessings Mantra * 108 times (pdf download)
• Meditate * 108 mins



How to record your efforts?

• Step1: Please download a diligence card


• Step2: After you complete your diligence card, write down which kind of 108 you completed with your signature.


• Step3: Take a picture of the diligence card and send it to any Shifu at Sunnyvale Zen Center (via email or text).
You can email to sunnyvalezen3@gmail.com or text to any Shifu if you have their phone number.


We will post your diligence card on the “Diamond Wall” and accumulate your numbers on our website.


Pledge Dedication of Merits:

We can mindfully chant the sutras and meditate to pacify and purify our minds.

Let’s dedicate the merits of our cultivation to the world peace and wish everyone be free from suffering.




Abide firmly in the right mindfulness.

Follow and act in accord with one’s pure awareness.

“To know what you’ve done in the past, observe what is happening to you in this life.

To know what will happen in the future, observe what you are doing in this life. “

Whatever happens to us in this life is the result of previous causes and conditions, of the actions we have performed ourselves or together with others (our individual and collective karma respectively).

The virus has infected many people all over the world, negatively impacting our work, our schooling, and our daily life. Under such suffering, our mindset when we react toward these negative impacts creates new karma effecting our future life. If we want to have a brighter future, what should we do now?

Take all the correct precautions to stay healthy.

The most important is to abide firmly in right mindfulness to rid oneself of greed, anger, and ignorance. Hence, we can eliminate and escape the collective karma and resulting retribution causing the epidemic.

Although we don’t have any classes right now, all Shifus at Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale are always be here with you. Let’s work hard together on the project of Diligence 108!



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