People I am thankful for

Meditation class student/E.K.

I am thankful for:

-My parents – they had to meet, get married, and decided to have me for them to be my parents. None of this would have happened if my father hadn’t hired my mother or if either of them had different lives where they decided to have different careers.

-My brother – my parents had to decide to have my brother.

-My fiance – I wouldn’t have met my fiance if we had gone to different colleges or lead different lives at college where we didn’t have similar friends. We both needed to be in a place where we were ready to meet someone new. After meeting, we have needed to put time into this relationship.

-My religious leaders over my life – my parents have their own religious beliefs and are open to teaching me to find who I am. I have been lucky to have open and wonderful religious teachers who have helped me to find myself.

-My boss – my boss is a good boss, he had to have the experiences in his life to make him a good boss.

-My friends – we have all had to be in the right place in our lives to meet each other and have the mutual respect to become friends.