Reflection on interdependence and Things I am grateful for

Meditation class student /I.C.

Reflection on Interdependence.

Wise folks tells us: ” Everything is inter-dependent.”  This happen and therefore that happens.  However, many a times in life, we act as if we are not inter-dependent.  Action solely out of selfish wants irregardless of others is so common.


In this world we live in, actions are often driven by personal gains, agendas fueled by greed, anger and delusion.  I sometimes wonder why.  Deeply reflecting – it has probably got to do with the warped speed we are moving, where we were never taught to pause, slow down and think where does our meal on the table came from, who has given us all these necessity to be where we are today, alive, healthy and living. It may also be springing from survival – the drive is so strong that it doesn’t register that others might be hurt along the way by our acts of thoughtlessness.  I sometimes think interdependent is the same as Karma.

If only we know and deeply believe in everything being interdependent that we know to accept everything as they come without rushing, rejecting or suffering but with equanimity and gratitude it’s teaching us something.  From that practice, may we achieve peace within ourselves and others, whatever may come.


Things I am grateful for:

  1. Buddha Dharma
  2. My family and relationships
  3. Warm clothes on cold days