Make Up Class



  • 地點:太谷精舍1棟圖書館 (先到知客室報到)
  • 可補課時段:
    • 下午時段 2pm-5pm (每週一至週五);
    • 晚上時段  7時-9時 (週二、四、五、日)
  •  需於缺課日4週以內完成補課,超過4週將列為缺席並無法補課 (無法申請延期)
  • 預約登記:請先來電 或 email 預約登記 (請先告知班級、全名,及缺課的日期)
  • 補課內容:靜坐最少10分鐘(有錄影檔)、觀看上課錄影檔;
  • 每次只可補一堂課 (不可同一時段補2節的課)時間:約1.5小時
  • 補課次數:一學期最多七次
  • 請自備有線耳機


Regulations for Make-up Classes:

  • Location: Library in Bldg. 1 of Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale
    • (Please register at reception when you arrive)
  • Available time for Make-up classes:
    • Afternoon: 2pm-5pm, Monday to Friday
    • Evening: 7pm-9pm, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
  • You can only take make-up classes within 4 weeks, no extension will be allowed. You will be recorded as absent if you cannot take make-up classes.
  • Making an appointment: Please call or email with your full name, which class you’ve missed and when you would like to take the make-up class.
  • Contents of Make-up class: Meditation at least 10 min. (including in the recording); watch the Lecture video (no more than one make-up class in one session)
  • Time period: about 1.5 hours
  • Maximum 7 make-up classes per semester.
  • Please bring along your wired earphones.

We may announce further information during the class and the class bulletin board if any update.

Academic affairs email:

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