Am I interdependent? Who am I grateful for?

Meditation class student/S.H.

In response to your question if I am interdependent with others:

I am interdependent with many people in my life and in my community. I depend on my partner to help pay for our housing, food, amenities, recreation. I depend on the police and fire department to keep our community safe. I depend on the workers in the stores to set out food for me to buy, as well as the delivery workers to bring food to the home when needed. I depend on the farmers that grow the food and the truck drivers that transport the food to my stores. I depend on the trees for oxygen to breathe. And the trees depend on the rain and sun to grow. I see that all beings are interdependent on each other to survive and to thrive.



I am grateful for my supportive partner, for my health and the health of my family and friends during this time. I am grateful for having food in my home and a warm place to live as I see homeless people on the streets. I am grateful I am able to work from home which is safer during this time. I am grateful for the friends I have in my life.