Grateful to people around me

Meditation class student/S.L.

I consider myself an interdependent with others at home and at work.

The reasons when at home something we will need opinion or ideas in doing certain things like cooking, working on a project or whether it is a good idea of buying a piece of furniture that maybe useful for home use or it will become a clutter at home.

At work being a lead, I will need everyone participations to help with writing procedure (that is checking the procedure whether it is understandable and with good instructions in testing the product), writing the software (software needed to be tested and is functional) and testing the product to release as a final product to the customer. No one can do it alone.

People I am grateful with are my parents and my wife. My parents have supported me from a baby to an adult. They have worked hard to provide me food, education, shelter and love before I can be on my own to have my family.

As for my wife we shared and worked together to bring our kids to an adult as our parents did.