Interdependent with society and things I am grateful fo

Meditation class student/W.B.

  1. Yes I am interdependent with others because each person has a role to play in society. For example, the food I eat, the clothes I wear, my transportation, etc. all those things and services are created and/or provided by other people. I am also interdependent in my relationships with my family, friends, coworkers and other people who are part of my life.
  2. I am grateful for having two wonderful children who are kind, respectful, responsible, resilient, have a great work ethic, love each other and me and are wonderful human beings. I am grateful for my health, for having food and shelter, for having a great job that allows me to pay for my family’s necessities and leaves me with enough time to have a balanced work-personal life. I am grateful for my parents, the country I live in, all my rights and freedom. I am grateful for breathing and having a chance to enjoy life every day I wake up.