Meeting Note 190604

Time: 190604

Participant: 見髦師,傳省,法進

Project tracker:


  1. The role and definition of our website
    • Informational, provide information for class/activity and knowledge for dharma.
      • Provide calendar for scheduling information
    • All contents are published by zen center, no personal article/blog entries…etc.
    • No social functions for comments and discussions
      • If needed, can use external website, e.g. Facebook, Google class room…etc.
    • Does not provide event registration/management
      • Use Google form or external event management system instead.
    • To discuss if a more elaborate wiki system is needed.
  2. We will use the current class registration system.
    • Tracker ref: A001 
  3. User and user roles
    • Master records: We will use user information in class registration system as master records.
    • No need to create or allow registering user in our website
      • Users maintained in our website will be for administrators only.
    • All visitors to our website will be public, no content discrepancy based on visitor roles (except admin).
    • No special user roles will be assigned when punch in from class registration system.
      • Potential use is to provide special information/announcements for login member only. Since most member will not login first to browse, we decide this function will be fulfilled with broadcasting tools instead.
      • Announcements should be broadcast via email, SMS…etc.
      • To discuss and research how to broadcast
    • We will design and create user roles for different admin functions
      • Admin personnel will login with their own account
      • Information access should be controlled based on user roles. For example, personnel managing activities might not have access to change dharma contents.
      • Need to research and devise privilege scheme and plugins.
    • Tracker ref: A002, A004
  4. Fully expanded mobile menu issue
    • The menu in current theme fully expands in mobile view. We decide this is NOT acceptable.
    • Research if the menu can be replaced in current theme
    • Research different theme for appropriate menu
    • Tracker ref: A003
  5. UI issues:
    • The three links of cultivation is not what Shifu has in mind, need further design
    • Julie can work on beautifying the contents
  6. Project management:
    • Shifu asked if we still need Linda’s help. The team believe we are able to take over the development now.
    • Shifu wants our website go-live ASAP, ideally early August but should finish before the end of August.
  7. Action items:
    • Team to research different themes for better menu behavior. Forward the themes to Cp for technical evaluation.
    • Cp to research a more elaborate privilege control system
    • Shifu please talk to and thank Linda for all her efforts.