Meeting Note 190611

Project Information:

Time: 190604
Participant: 傳省,法進; Synced up and gave shifu an update afterwards.
Project tracker:

Note and Conclusion:

  1. Status update and demo
    • Theme default menu is fully expanded in mobile mode. Researched and replaced it with Max Mega Menu.
    • Multi-lingual plugin q-Translate-x is outdated. Researched and replaced it with Ploylang.
    • Theme default slide doesn’t support multi-lingual. It doesn’t switch when different language selected. Researched and replaced it with Smart Slide 3.
    • Customize Yada wiki to support hierarchical wiki pages.
    • Researched and installed plugin Breadcrumb NavXT for breadcrumb function in wiki pages.
    • Clean site: The goal is to create a clean starting point
      • Created a separate site with clean installation of theme and plugins.
      • Created basic menu and landing pages
      • Continue the testing. Make a backup when done
    • Researched gutenberg block and create examples for main page contents.
    • Found hotspot plugin for three links of cultivation
  2. Discussions
    • Menu
      • Every menu entry will have a landing page. For example, online class registration will first go to a page and then go to the class registration system via a external link.
      • Confirm we will have menu entry Support Us and submenu Make Offering and Meritorious Volunteering
    • Slide
      • Decided to use Smart Slide 3.
      • Slides are clickable and go to detailed information pages.
      • Need to create supporting contents.
    • Calendar
      • Concerns about display been to complicated and crowed.
      • After discussion, Ning will spend some time to test filtering options and devise usage. Will make a decision next time.
  3. Synced up with shifu later after the meeting

Action Items

  1. For Calendar plugin, Ning will spend some time to test filtering options and devise usage. Will make a decision next time. CP will provide support is necessary.
  2. Shifu please talk to Linda and thank her for her effort.
  3. Shifu please lead the effort to design the image for three links of cultivation.
  4. CP continue development.