Meeting Note 190709

Project Information:

Time: 190709
Participant: 師父,傳省,法進, 傳塵,傳雯,Selina Wu
Project tracker:

Note and Conclusion:


  1. Current status, the home page
    • Issues resolved so far
  2. Plugin walk through
  3. The language
  4. The wiki
    1. Breadcrumb
    2. Process walk through – create a page “Grand Master”; various attributes

Yet to cover

  1. The sliders
  2. The calendar
    1. Various possibilities
  3. The user roles
    1. login process; menu show/hide

Upcoming Tasks:

  1. Finalize design and development of home page
  2. Design and development of 三環一體
  3. Fill in all the pages
    1. Wiki Pages
    2. Calendar
    3. Slides
  4. Determine Calendar format and create entries
  5. Optimize the look for various devices
  6. Define new roles needed and access policy
    • Define the access policies for different roles
    • SOP for creating users
  7. Training
    • Create documentation and media
    • Host training sessions
  8. Create staging sites
  9. Determine the official site URL
  10. Final deployment

Action Items:

  1. 三環一體 picture design – 傳塵
  2. Home page design – 傳塵
  3. Page format policy – 傳塵 please review style policy before we start fill in contents.
    • In each page we need to determine style for title, session title, paragraph….etc.
    • We should choose from the system virtual style settings such as “title1”, “title2″….”paragraph” consistently.
    • We should not directly use fort family, font size…etc.
  4. Create task list so people can volunteer and own task items – 法進
  5. Create training material – 法進 and volunteers